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Hire price

The hire price will remain the same as quoted at the time of reservation, However if there are any alterations made to the itinerary after the reservation has been finalised then this will be charged accordingly.


There will be no charge for cancelling a booking provided we are notified in sufficient time, i.e. before the driver begins the journey. Please note a callout charge must be paid if the client fails to arrive at their collection point after the driver has turned up.

Airport transfers – non arrival of passenger

If following a reservation, the passenger fails to arrive as per the flight and booking made and the driver is not able to contact the passenger with the contact number provided at the time of booking, the driver will wait for a maximum of one hour starting from the flight’s landing time. Within this time the driver will continue to contact the passenger on their mobile number if provided. This additional waiting time will be charged at our basic hourly rate at the current tariff. If after this time the client fails to arrive, no refund will be issued. We advise that you book your taxi an hour after your flight’s landing time.


Glos Cars will always monitor flight arrival/departure times of all flights and the driver will amend journey time accordingly. , if you become aware of any problems which could cause a delay in the pick up/ drop off of the passenger, please inform our office as soon as possible.


All Glos Cars vehicles are fully insured which includes Public Liability Insurance.


The route taken is at the driver’s discretion. The driver will take the best possible route taking into account the traffic/ roadworks etc and will amend the route accordingly. At the time of booking your journey we will always advise on journey times, the best time to leave etc as it is our endeavour to get our passengers to their destination on time. However, Glos Cars does not accept responsibility for any delays.


The driver will always drive at a reasonable speed and adhere to any speed restrictions


Glos Cars operate a strict no smoking policy within all its vehicles.

Alcohol and Food

The consumption of food and alcohol is forbidden in all Glos Cars vehicles. Where the customer has soiled the vehicle for any reason requiring off the road internal cleaning/ valeting, the customer will be charged £70.00 on top of the taxi fare.

Child car seats

Glos Cars can provide a child car seat for your journey but this would be subject to availability. If a child car seat is provided by us or the parent/carer wish to use their own car seat, it is the responsibility of the parent/ carer to fit it into the vehicle properly and securely. The parent/carer is responsible for their child’s safety at all times.


If for any reason you are not happy with any part of our service our a member of staff, please feel free to email us at enquiry@gloscarsuk.com providing us with full details of your journey, the complaint including date and times and your contact details; failing to provide us with your contact details will restrict us in updating you about the outcome of your complaint. We will take any complaint seriously and will endeavour to rectify any problems.

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